Re: [CR] Too many emails? My digest-managrment tips (WAS: On Behalf Of Neil Foddering, facing and reaming, "OT")

(Example: Framebuilders:Dario Pegoretti)

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Subject: Re: [CR] Too many emails? My digest-managrment tips (WAS: On Behalf Of Neil Foddering, facing and reaming, "OT")


I subscribe to the digest, and have set my email client preferences to indicate by color-coding what "vintage" they are. (I think that most email preferences come set up this way. If yours is not, just go into the preferences and set the colors to your liking.)

With the emails color-coded by vintage, it is easy to skim for the current messages (black in my case) in the digests when I get the chance to read them. And simply organizing my emails by sender puts all the CR emails in one place by date so I can make sure I have read them all and am up on all the latest CR "gossip," be it over 72 Cinellis, facing frames (definitely helpful info to me), members looking to pay "stupid" prices for 30th anniversary components, or the latest "hot" female cyclist's 1950s Freddie Grubb frame...

As previously recommended, I appreciate it when listers only include the relevant email from a digest when replying to it, and cut out the remainder of the messages. (Using my Mac's Mail, I just highlight the email I want to respond to, hit "reply," and only that email is part of my post in response. Try it on your machine, but your mileage may vary, etc...)

Jon pretty happy with the current state of affairs re: volume, etc., in Dale's cyber-garage in Alameda, CA USA

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> Is there any chance of leaving Dale to decide what's relevant to
> the CR
> list? I'm getting tired of opening what looks to be an interesting
> post,
> only to find post after post consisting of members squabbling over
> whether
> or not something is on-topic. I have better ways to spend my time
> than
> having to sift through a load of playground behaviour to find
> something
> relevant. Why do some members feel it necessary to try to catch
> others out
> doing something wrong? What are they looking to achieve?
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