Re: [CR] Pantographing parts

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Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 11:47:42 -0800
From: "Rachael Ramos" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Pantographing parts

Thank you to all who've responded do far. The machine is in the set up and learning stage at the moment so it will be a while until we can accept work but I wanted to ask for assistance. if anyone has photos of original pantographing of the sort that would be needed I would appreciate seeing them. this includes of course chainwheels, stems, seatposts or anything else that we might sink our bits into...

At this time we are thinking of setting it up for large Campy chainwheels (only) to get the machine calibrated and to get over the hump. If anyone has ano NR or SR chainwheels (large) that are worn or otherwise not useable that they might provide for cheap (or free?) we would happily pay for shipping to Portland.

We are discussing jigs, fixtures and methods so any help or suggestions in that area would be appreciated as well. Also, a very critical aspect will be to obtain the logos, typography etc so if anyone has files that might be of use I would like to discuss the options.

Thanks again to all

George Ramos
Portland, OR