[CR] FS: Campy Pista! Road! More!

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From: "Matthew 'Devotion' Bowne" <devotion_finesse@hotmail.com>
To: CR discussion list <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 19:57:54 -0500
Subject: [CR] FS: Campy Pista! Road! More!

I am offering the following parts for sale to the esteemed list.

1) CAMPAGNOLO High Flange "No Record" (pre '63)  Pista Hubset. 36H. These are very shiny, lovely and in great shape.  While I did not overhaul them, I added a bit of grease to the front to get it rolling and the races feel smooth and pit-free.  The lock-nut date is '59.  Rear is missing track nuts and is smooth but "gummy" and in need of a re-pack.  Spoke holes in good shape. $225 OBO plus actual shipping.

2) CAMPAGNOLO High Flange Pista Wheelset.  32H. These are in need of a cleaning but spin beautifully and are ready to go!  Laced with DT spokes to gray annodized Mavic GP4 tubulars with some minor brake wear to the front rim.  Both hubs have oil ports on the barrels.  Front and rear track nuts included, as is a Campagnolo lock ring and a 17T "VILLIERS" cog.  Hutchinson Tempo and Orange Vittoria tires hold air, but I can't tell you when they were glued on and would recommend replacement. $275 plus actual shipping. If there isn't interest in the wheelset, I will un-lace, re-pack and hand polish the hubs for $225. 

3) AIRLITE High Flange Hubset. 32H/36H (f/r) Another shiny, lovely hubset which is smooth but in need of a re-pack.  Front has domed axle nuts and rear has a mis-matched pair which aren't likely original.  The rear hub is double-sided; fixed on one side and freewheel on the other. $140 OBO plus actual shipping.

4) Hi-E Front Hub and Skewer. 36H Immaculate spoke holes.  Nicely cleaned up.  No champ stripes or black band stickers on barrel.  REALLY cool skewer! $40 OBO plus actual shipping.

5) PHIL WOOD Tandem Rear Hub. 40H Threaded on both sides, for Phil's proprietary brake, I believe.  This guy is a bit rough lookin'... There is a small crack on the drive side axle bolt washer and another on the spacer.  Being Phil, I imagine these are replaceable? Spoke holes look rough, but useable.  $30 shipped.

6) CAMPAGNOLO Pista 151B.C.D. Crankset.  170mm These have seen better days...But might see "beater" days on your 'rider'.  Lots of surface scratches, nicks, pits, strap wear, etc.  The original non-driveside arm has small spider cracks running down from the taper/spindle holes (don't ride!), so I am also including a later nds arm (170mm, 'strada'<8>) for use. 50T Campagnolo 1/8" track chainring, and Campy single/track chainring bolts included. $100 OBO plus actual shipping.

7) CAMPAGNOLO Pista 151B.C.D 50T chainring. 1/8".  LOTS of life left. Couple of small spots of flaking on inside of ring. $45 OBO shipped.

8) CAMPAGNOLO 170mm Victory/Triomphe Crankset Not the prettiest, but a decent enough "rider" set.  52T and 42T chainrings included. $40 OBO shippped.

9) CAMPAGNOLO Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur "Patent 1970" .  Another "rider" in fair-good shape.  Scratching on hanger and lower pivot bolt heads.  Minimal scratching on cage.  Lots of life left on pulleys. $45 OBO plus actual shipping.

10) CAMPAGNOLO Record Bottom Bracket. English theaded.  Later "thick-wall"/rifled cups.  68-SS-120 spindle.  Campy bearings and crankarm attachment bolts included.  Nice, clean races. $45 OBO plus actual shipping.

11) CAMPAGNOLO Nuovo Record Seatpost. Yet another "rider" with lotsa miles under it's belt.  Some pitting, most of which is below insertion area, and zig-zag stuff goin' on.  "Peppering" (rust) on the cradles. $25 OBO plus actual shipping.

12) TRACK COG BONANZA! 15-16-17-18-19T track cogs, all marked "VILLIERS  MADE IN ENGLAND".  I have multiples of some sizes.  Used but all in great shape.  I believe I have 10+ total. Sharp, pointy teeth! Ye-oww! $15 shipped (each).  Or $120 for the whole lot of 'em.

13) NITTO B115 Road Handlebars Traditional road bend with slight outward flaring of the hooks.  40cm width.  25.4 clamp.  Mounted but never ridden. $25 shipped.

14) TITAN Stem & M. Knit /S.Maes handlebar combo. Surface rust/paint on back and underside of stem.  Minimal 'zig-zag' on bars, but decent looking clamp area.  Again, "rider" rather than "show" bike material. $30 OBO plus actual shipping

My access to a digital camera is limited at the moment, and I am not likely to be able to take any photos and send 'em off for a couple of days.  In the mean time, I can try to shoot iPhone pics and email them to seriously interested parties. 

I'd be open to offers for multiple items and will of course adjust for combined shipping. Thanks for looking.

Matthew Bowne
Brooklyn, New York