Re: [CR] Weird Simplex Seatpost

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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:03:41 -0800
From: "randy dugan" <>
To: classicrendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Weird Simplex Seatpost

hi john,

not that weird. a really nice post, i have a couple. i think this was the last simplex post. these were often labeled Spidel as well, and i've seen them on top-of-the-line gitanes and PY peugeots from the early '80s as you guessed. would be appropriate on a bike with a stronglight 107 crank and a SLJ6600 derailleur, for instance.

the clamp system is identical to that used on the mid-80s 2-piece mavic seatposts where the upper cast portion from this post (albeit with a nicer finish) is bonded to a black anodized tube, as seen here:

which makes me think the mavic was made by simplex.

best, randy dugan van nuys, ca usa

>>>>>>>>>>>> From: John Hurley <JHurley(AT)> Subject: [CR] Weird Simplex Seatpost

Looking for help identifying a seatpost I won on eBay, just delivered yesterday. Item number 120481802783. The auction didn't have very good photos. Computer problems have kept me from making better photos available as yet, but the item can still be seen on eBay. The listing said it was a Simplex Prestige, and "very rare". This I doubt, but on the other hand I've not seen one like it. It is aluminum, single bolt, with two cast aluminum clamp jaws, upper and lower. The lower jaw has two small pins sticking up vertically, one on either side of the bolt hole. The shaft has what I regard as a "modern" finish: very fine annular mill marks. I'm guessing 1980's vintage.

Some of you will probably know immediately what this is. I'd appreciate any info, even if it turns out I was suckered into paying too much for the Infamous Seat Post of Death that was banned in fourteen countries.

John Hurley
Austin, Texas, USA