Re: [CR] value of a restoration was re: restoration issues

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Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:51:54 -0500
Thread-Topic: [CR] value of a restoration was re: restoration issues
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Subject: Re: [CR] value of a restoration was re: restoration issues

Don Gillies wrote: <<The value of like-new restoration paint, imho, only adds maybe $100-$200 to the value of most bikes. Of course, the labor and decals and paint normally cost twice that amount, at a minimum.>>

I won't speak to the "value" of restoration in money terms. That concept only comes into being either when an exchange is desired and made, or when you quantify the opportunity cost for your time and money. Either calculation becomes very complicated very quickly. Unless you have been making a very careful study of the market, I think your value-added range is almost meaningless. If you must speculate, I would only say that for most bikes, a restoration does not pay for itself (unless you DIY and pay yourself $0/hr. for labor, essentially ignoring opportunity cost.)

However, I can speak somewhat to the actual costs. If by "like-new restoration paint" you mean powder-coat and top-mounted vinyl decals, then your number of $200-400 for frame & fork is in the ballpark as far as the minimum goes.

I think few people would agree that for on-topic CR bikes, that would be anywhere near either "like-new" or "restoration." For what most listers would consider a "like-new restoration" for an on-topic frame & fork, your minimum is closer to $600, and most bikes will need much more than that. If it needs more extensive prep, decals, re-plating, color matching, contrast panels, chrome masking, lug lining etc. etc....

Greg Reiche
Vista, CA USA