Re: [CR] A rather tired 1969 Colnago Super - again

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From: "joe mcdoogle" <>
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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 20:59:34 +0000
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Subject: Re: [CR] A rather tired 1969 Colnago Super - again

Hello to the list,

You may or may not remember I posted a picture of a Colnago Super frame I had bought about a month ago that had had a rather ugly repair done on the lower head lug. In addition, it had a crease to the seattube, had had cable guides fitted by an amateur and been resprayed. I have contacted a frame builder (Argos Cycles, Bristol, UK) and they are confident of a satisfactory repair which will probably include replacing the downtube and lower headlug. So I am planning on a full rennovation of the frame which will run to around £400 GBP and would like to get the details correct.

Does anyone has images of a Colnago Super of the same period? Also, there was some controversy regarding whether this was in fact a Super. I think in the end the concensus was that it was and a few members recognised the unusual lugs as appearing on a few other 1969 machines. I would just like to be as certain as possible before I commit myselt to the build. Here are some pictures of the frame in it's current state, I can take some more if required.


Thankyou in advance for you replies and thankyou for the encouragement and information received last time.


Joseph Headd, Manchester, UK