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Jim- Sounds like a good description of the foam filled Ukai rims of the 1970s. The spoke holes were angled towards the intended flange and spoke rotation. Keep us informed with your discovery.

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Subject: [CR] Tubular rim ID help

>I have two vintage tubular rims that I need some help identifying. Here are
>the salient features:
> 1. The are filled with a tan substance (like a Scheeren rim)
> 2. They are riveted at the seam.
> 3. They have a gold metalic oval sticker over the seam. Whatever was
> written on the sticker is long gone.
> 4. No ferrules on the spoke holes.
> 5. The sides of the rims are smooth.
> The Scheeren rims I have and the others I found on the internet didn't
> have a plain oval sticker, instead they have a smaller oval and a
> horizontal rectangle throgh the oval and out both sides with Scheeren
> printed inside the rectangle. Maybe these are a different model of
> Scheeren or...?
> Jim Ready
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