[CR] For Sale Condor-Hurlow, Viscount Grand Prix, Holdsworth Mistral, Roy Thame plus books and lots of parts

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Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 18:43:06 +0000
From: "Hilary Stone" <hilary.stone@blueyonder.co.uk>
To: classic rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] For Sale Condor-Hurlow, Viscount Grand Prix, Holdsworth Mistral, Roy Thame plus books and lots of parts

Offered to CR members are some beautiful, interesting and uncommon frames and one very original Viscount Grand Prix bike together with a number of good books and parts.

I can take payment a number of ways - Paypal or cheque in GBP, cash sent registered post, Traveller\u2019s cheques in $, direct bank transfer within the UK or European Iban bank transfer. I will always combine shipping in order to reduce costs.

Frames cost 80 GBP to ship to the USA, 100 GBP to ship to Australia/New Zealand and 11 GBP within the UK. A complete bike is about 120 GBP to the USA.

With the pound being still quite low in value these are a real bargain... for US and European buyers. Paypal is quoting 1.6$ to 1 GBP.

Hilary Stone, Bristol, British Isles

CONDOR ROAD FRAME 55cm 1980s built by Bill Hurlow Seat Tube (ctt): 57cm (22.5in) Top Tube (ctc): 56cm (22in) Rear dropout width: 120mm Wheel size: 700C Brake drop with 700C/Sprint wheel: 55mm Seatpost size: 27.2mm Frame tubing: Reynolds 531 DB Condor frames have been built by many top builders over the years - Dave Yates, Vic Edwards, Roberts, Tom Board etc but perhaps the best of all of them was Bill Hurlow. I would certainly rank him as one of the very best British builders of the last 50 years. His career started in the middle 1930s working for Grubb before working for Claud Butler and Holdsworth. He started working for Condor in about 1954 and devised some fancy lug designs which are true classics in their time - he also built high end frames for some other shops in the 60s - Mal Rees and Stan Miles being two. In the later 60s he built under his own name too. He also built some less fancy frames - this one he built under the Condor name in I think 1957. It features his signature curved chainstay bridge (other builders did do curved c/stay bridges but they are not common). The lugs are beautifully and evenly filed, the brazing is immaculate... I am not certain whether the paint is original though the down tube transfers are ones I have not seen before on Condors. It has two small dings - one to the top tube where the bars have hit the TT on an occasion and another small ding on the down tube just up from the BB. It comes complete with headset and BB as pictured. A rare opportunity to get a genuine Bill Hurlow frame. 195 GBP


VISCOUNT GRAND PRIX BIKE c1978 Seat Tube (ctt of top tube): 55.5cm Top Tube (ctc): 55.5cm Rear dropout width: 125mm Wheel size: 700C Brake drop with 700C/Sprint wheels: 55cm Viscount Aerospace bikes from the 1970s were extremely innovative with lots of parts being built especially for them and offered extraordinary good value for money at the time. They featured pressed-in cartridge bearing bottom brackets (the bearing are quite standard and are easily found if necessary and axles from some American bikes can also be fitted as replacements...). This bike is one of the their later production and does not have the aluminium fork which was said to be unreliable but does have Viscount 700C wheels with cartridge bearing hubs. The frames were fillet-brazed from a light straight gauge Cro-mo tubing. This one is in beautiful original condition complete with a Sugino Maxy chainset, Shimano 600 derailleurs and Weinmann centre-pull brakes. Tyres are brand-new Schwalbe. 145 GBP

http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Viscount-Grand-Sport.jpg http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Viscount-Grand-Sport-dets.jpg

HOLDSWORTH MISTRAL c1980 Seat Tube (ctt): 56cm (22in) Top Tube (ctc): 57cm (22.5in) Rear dropout width: 124mm Wheel size: 27in/700C Brake drop with 700C/Sprint wheel: 66mm Seatpost size 27.2mm The Mistral was Holdsworth\u2019s top touring frame and this one dates I think from the early 1980s. It is in very sound condition with no dents though the paintwork is quite scruffy. Its ideal for a singlespeed or fixed conversion with its long horizontal dropouts. 85 GBP


PEUGEOT 531 FRAME c1989 Seat Tube (ctc): 53cm (21in) Top Tube (ctc): 53.5cm (21in) Rear dropout width: 126mm Wheel size: 700C Frame tubing: Reynolds 531 main tubes and 531 forks Seatpost size: 27.2mm Brake drop with 700C/Sprint wheel: 45mm This is a gorgeous Peugeot road frame built from Reynolds 531 around 1989. Its in excellent condition. 65 GBP


ROY THAME c1979 Seat Tube (ctt): 56cm (22in) Top Tube (ctc): 57cm (22.5in) Rear dropout width: 126mm Wheel size: 27in/700C Brake drop with sprints/700C: 65mm Frame tubing: Reynolds 531 DB Roy Thame was the brand name of F W Holdsworth shop in Putney. Prior to 1975 their frames were also known as Holdsworth but the new owners of Holdsworthy who owned the Holdsworth frame brand insisted that the shop frames could no longer be called Holdsworth hence the Roy Thame name who was the current owner of the shop. Their frames were very nicely built in-house and were often pretty similar to the Holdsworths of the period - this one appears to be a touring or club frame and features lovely drilled seatstay top eyes. Paint is scruffy but its otherwise very sound. 95 GBP


THE INGENIOUS MR PEDERSEN Dursley Pedersen history Offered for sale is an excellent copy of the Ingenious Mr Pedersen by David Evans. This book is the standard reference work on Dursley Pedersen bikes and is now much in demand and quite rare. It is 144 pages long. 15 GBP

CYCLING LAND\u2019S END to JOHN O\u2019GROATS by Alan Ray the story of the premier record breaking rides from one end of the UK to the other published early 70s, 155 pages, great read 14 GBP

BAYLISS WILEY FEATHERWEIGHT BOTTOM BRACKET SET in excellent condition with a couple of very minor marks to bearing surfaces (not pitting, more staining) 26 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Bayliss-Wiley-FW-BB-set.jpg

MAFAC DURAL FORGE RACER BRAKE CALLIPERS 1950s/60s Offered for sale is a very good pair of Mafac Dural Forge Racer brake callipers from the 1950s/60s complete with all the fittings and straddle wires. 28 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Mafac-racer-dural-forge.jpg

GB HIDUMINIUM BRAKESET 1940s/50s Excellent Offered for sale is an excellent GB Hiduminium brakeset from the 1940s/1950s complete with the correct levers 59 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/GB-Hiduminium-callipers.jpg http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/GB-early-brake-levers.jpg

UNIVERSAL BRAKE CALLIPERS Early type with Q/R in very nice condition - one set of arms is deep drop, the other shallow - at preset the deep arms are on the front bolt but these could easily be swapped to the rear bolt 28 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Universal-brake-callipers.jpg

RESILION CANTILETTE FRONT BRAKE NOS 1930s/40s This is in very good condition but is unused and is to fit an oval (not D-shape) fork blade. 35 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Resilion-Cantilette-front-b.jpg

SIMPLEX RETROFRICTION GEAR LEVERS for braze-on fitting in excellent condition 17 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Simplex-retro-levers.jpg

DUNLOP ALUMINIUM 26 x 1 1/4in 32/40H RIMS lightly used and excellent condition, almost no wear to braking surface from the 1940s/early 50s 89 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Dunlop-26-14in-32-40.jpg

STRONGLIGHT 49D CRANKSET 170mm in very nice condition all threads and tapers fine, English pedal threads 1950s finer section cranks with Deposé stamping. 65GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Stronglight-49D-50s.jpg

TA 5-PIN TRACK ADAPTOR AND 48T RING PART NOS - this is an excellent track adaptor with a NOS 48T 1/8in ring. This sort of track adaptor was used by most top track riders in the 50s and could be fitted to almost all 5-pin cranks - Stromglight, Gnutti, Magistroni, BSA etc The track single adaptors are really rather rare... Please see my other listing for a suitable pair of Stronglight 49D cranks. 30 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/TA-track-adaptorring.jpg

SHIMANO CRANE REAR GEAR NOS NIB DR101 1st version from 1971-73 part of the first Dura-Ace groupset 34 GBP SHIMANO CRANE REAR GEAR DR101 used but very good 1st version from 1971-73 part of the first Dura-Ace groupset 19 GBP SHIMANO DURA-ACE FRONT DERAILLEUR SILVER 1970s excellent 16 GBP SHIMANO CRANE REAR GEAR DB-100 3nd version from 1976-8 with metal pulleys part of the first Dura-Ace groupset 22 GBP SHIMANO CRANE GS LONG-CAGE GEAR **NOS** DB-110 29 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/ShimanoCraneearly-DA.jpg

SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE DOWN-TUBE LEVERS **NOS** complete with bolt-on cable guides 16 GBP SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE FRONT DERAILLEUR with clip **NOS** 18 GBP SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE REAR DERAILLEUR LONG-ARM **NOS** 24 GBP SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE REAR DERAILLEUR SHORT-ARM **NOS** 24 GBP SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE REAR DERAILLEUR SHORT-ARM Excellent used 16 GBP SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE FRONT DERAILLEUR with clip Excellent used 14 GBP http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r77/hilarystone/Shimano-600-Arabesque.jpg

I will have later in the week an almost complete Shimano 600 Arabesque groupset with NOS derailleurs, excellent used chainset and excellent used brakeset. 120 GBP

AND I will also have a complete very lightly used Shimano 600AX groupset - Chainset, pedals, BB, Headset, braze-on DT levers, rear derailleur, front braze-on derailleur, 27.2mm seatpost, handlebar stem, chain and wheels with 6-speed cassette and GP4 rims 225 GBP