Re: [CR] Ideale Saddle - NOS with goop?

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Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 11:35:48 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Ideale Saddle - NOS with goop?

I don't recall seeing many production bikes equipped with Ideale 90 saddles. They were mostly after market sales in our area. There were a few mid range bikes with Ideal model 80 saddles and a lot of model 39 saddles that NEVER softened up!

I think that Brooks Pro and B17 saddles cornered the market in the US because of the black dye issues with the Ideale 90s and some 80s. Why else would the otherwise all French Peugeot PX-10s come with Brooks Pro saddles? Same thing with the top Motobecane models.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

R.S. Broderick wrote:
> Interestingly enough, I do not recall ever having seen the evil sealing wax
> treatment on those various models of Ideale saddles affixed to any of the
> original "sold-as-new" bicycles that came through Beaverton Cyclery back in
> the 1970's. Rather, the finish of said saddles was simple natural leather
> absent any preservative. As a result, I only associate said treatment with
> Ideale saddles which I presumed to have been intended for offer to the
> public ala carte in the aftermarket. Of course, I am strictly going from
> memory as well supposition based upon my own personal experiences, and I am
> now curious as to whether the observations / recollections of others in this
> regard happen to be consistent with that of my own.
> Robert "waxing nostalgic" Broderick
> ...the "Chronically Cloudy Clime" of Oregon
> Portland, USA
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> There is a much easier, cheaper, more natural way... The way Ideale
> intended, you ride the thing for the next 5-10 years and the black stuff
> rubs off on your clothing! ;-)
> Why do you you think riding shorts are black?
> My 1971 Gitane Super Corsa came with an Ideale 90 saddle. I'm not sure
> if it was a Rebour Rodee Main model or not but it had the same greasy
> flat black look and verdigris around the copper rivets.
> I'd get that black junk on my hands just from touching the saddle and
> nothing I did seemed to get it off of the leather surface. The stuff
> kept bleeding out of the leather. I finally traded it for a Unicanitor
> and then got a Brooks Pro and never looked back!
> Chas. Colerich
> Oakland, CA USA