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From: "Matthew 'Devotion' Bowne" <devotion_finesse@hotmail.com>
To: CR discussion list <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 14:34:28 -0500

Lads and Ladies! It sounds like a number of you are willing to come out and brave (some of) the elements to see our VINTAGE TRACK DAY happen sooner rather than later. In the spirit of "if not, now, when?"...Let's make it happen! Now! Jamie and I looked at the calendar and thought this Sunday, the 22nd of November looked like a good a day as any...Perhaps pushing 60 degrees! So without further delay...

WHAT: The much anticipated BVVW "VINTAGE TRACK IRON" KISSENA ROUND-UP is again on deck!!! An in-formal opportunity to bring out that old track machine and round the boards in NYC's historic own Kissena Velodrome in Flushing Queens. ( I know, I know...By "boards", I of course mean wobbly, cracked black top.) This is by no means a race day...Just an opportunity to let that old stallion fly and feel the banks rise to meet your old track silks once again! More like our casual group rides in Prospect Park, though for safety purposes, riders out to bring a brake-less track bike equipped with drop bars (and bar end plugs) should we end up running drills or organizing a pace line.

WHO: Our own Jamie Swan will be joining us and discussing some basics of velodrome racing. We'll discuss the track, it's line markings, basic riding etiquette, track safety and various race formats. Then we'll ride in circles until we get bored. Probably oogle some bikes and drink cheap red wine out of inconspicuous containers.

WHERE: The Kissena Velodrome is a NYC public park located in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens.

HOW: By Subway

7 Train Take the 7 train to the end of line at Main Street in Flushing. Ride (1.0 miles) south on Kissena Boulevard to Kissena Park. Turn left at Booth Memorial Avenue. Turn left at Parsons Boulevard to Velodrome entrance.

F Train Take the F train to Parsons Boulevard, Queens. Ride (2 miles) north uphill on Parsons Boulevard. Veer left on Kissena Boulevard. Turn right on Booth Memorial Avenue. Turn left at Parsons Boulevard to Velodrome entrance. By Car
>From The West Take the Long Island Expressway and exit at Kissena Boulevard (Exit 24). Make a Left at the first light off the exit ramp and drive for about 4 to 5 blocks. Make a Right onto Booth Memorial Avenue. Make a left into the park at Parsons Boulevard (after about 4 blocks) and park in the lot. The park is on Booth Memorial Avenue between Kissena Boulevard and 164th Street. If you have gone to 164th, you have gone too far.
>From The East Take the Long Island Expressway to Exit 24. Follow Horace Harding frontage road. Turn right at Parsons Boulevard. Cross Booth Memorial Avenue to the Velodrome entrance.

WHEN: Sunday, November 22nd, 11AM

WHAT ELSE: We hope to spend a couple of hours ridin' around, after/during which we can hopefully order some pizzas for delivery. There are some local delis servin' up sandwiches and the like, but come prepared for a few hours in the park.

IF: We get rained out again (Yes, rain IS forcasted...but the report is always subject to change and we'll keep a close eye on it), we'll re-schedule for an upcoming day after the Thanksgiving holiday.

See some of you at Casa Italiana tomorrow...and hopefully a bunch of you on Sunday as well!

Matthew Bowne
Brooklyn, New York
L'Assistente al Despota Onnipotente