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Dear Listmembers,

My friend Andy who co-owns the fine bike shop Warlands Cycles in Oxford has come into this frame which I'm offering on his behalf.

Seat post is 27.2 Seat tube is 58cm c-t


We have no idea who 'Clifton Cycles' are, or the 'Hewitt Brothers of Birkenhead' are as labelled on this bike. Which is surprising since the quality of the lugs and finish are amazingly high. Apparently Andy asked Hilary Stone but Hilary (who lives in the Bristol area which has a district called Clifton) was unable to turn up anything. That is why this exceptionally nice frame is going for a reasonably low price. Andy runs a bike shop but doesn't collect vintage bikes (his passion is currently doing up an old MG car). If you make a serious offer Andy will probably be persuaded to take a few more photos just to make sure your happy before it is shipped. But I've seen it myself and it is near to immaculate. The swirly lugs are really beautiful.

The frame is offered as seen in the last photo, however there is also a Benelux front shifter which you can see in one of the pictures which will be thrown in. So let us know if you are interested, or if you have any idea of who made it. Personally I guess that it was rebranded from an OEM made for a bike shop, possibly originally a Gillot.

Regards, Mark

Mark Lawrence
United Kingdom