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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 13:27:30 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] MASI Criterium - Help an Aging Rocker !!

Marcel Calborn has a shop in Orange County called "Bici Sport". Used to have farther up the coast to.

Might be him

Jim Allen

Norris Lockley wrote:
> Has anyone out there ever heard of a cycle shop somewhere in the Los Angeles
> area - I guess that that is a BIG area - called* MARCEL'S CYCLES* or that
> could possibly be* MARCELLE'S CYCLES* as I dont know whether the owner was
> male or female.
> We are talking 1970s into the 80s here.
> Some days ago I directed the List members to an article in the GUARDIAN
> Newspaper about the delapidated state of the Vigorelli track in Milan..and
> the ever-open workshop of Alberto Masi..
> It was my close mate, John Helliwell, of Supertramp fame, who had phoned me
> about the article, and I must admit it took me some time to cotton on to his
> drift. Then I realisid that he was wondering whether his own MASI Gran
> Criterium had exited from those famous gates..he is quite a romantic at
> heart...and ended up on the sales floor at Marcelle's cycle shop
> I shattered his dreams by suggesting that the bike that he had bought in
> California, while the Group really was on a roll, was probably a product of
> the workshop that Faliero had set up in Carlsbad, rather than anything even
> slightly Italiano..and spaghetti..Ferrari
> When John brought it in for servicing in May 1997 during a short break from
> that year''s Tour- I dare not admit that I had never heard of Supertramp,
> but I did wonder what this lean guy dressed in a long black coat ,very
> narrow drainpipe trousers, almost like jophurs, large black almost
> surgical-type boots, silver pendant hanging over black rollneck sweater and
> a very impressive rocker's haircut to accompany his seven o'clock shadow
> beard. had to do with cycling; my usual customers were normally dressed in
> well-worn out-of-date cycle-shop rejected trade jerseys from yesteryear's
> long-gone trade teams.
> I told John earlier today about Classicrendezvous and mentioned the fact
> that I thought that several of the frame-builders on the List had cut their
> file teeth in the Carlsbad workshop. At the time of meeting John all those
> years back the only MASI I had seen was the one on "Breaking Away"..or was
> it another film?
> Casting my eye over his bike at the time I thought it looked far too big for
> him and said so, because he does not look that tall but he does stoop a
> little possibly from having those heavy saxophones slung around his neck.
> ..or possibly it's the weight of his wallet. He told me that the guy at the
> shop had fitted it up for him ..all Campag Record or Nuevo he
> just rode it..didn't ask questions.
> I taped it up, found it was a 23"....with an enormous head I
> assumed a short top-tube..but No..that was quite long again 23" or just
> over..Odd, I thought. Not long afterwards I got him onto a 22" TVT carbon,
> then onto a CORIMA..then a VITUS..all 22". Now, unfortubnately he rides a
> Specialised..and his time-trial results have gone down the tube...but he is
> still fastest veteran in the Club, but I am threatening a come-back next
> year.
> If by chance, any of you ex-MASI men are reading this, and can find the time
> RIGHT NOW to jot me a few details and souvenirs about Carlsbad, I'd like to
> share them with John over a few beers tonight after the meeting of our club,
> the Settle World-Wide-Wheelers, of which John is both President and
> Treasurer.
> If you are more used to remembering John in his customary position of
> rocking back on his heels with his tenor sax thrust forward..then visit our
> website at you <
> you> can see him on his the starting blocks for the Wednesday
> evening 11.3 mile hilly time trial.
> And just in case you're missing hearing his trademark sax solos, John is
> back in the groove blowing the riffs with his own group Creme Anglaise.
> Unfortunately John thought the name sounded very classy..shades of la creme
> de la creme..Little did he know that it just means "custard" in French. Hear
> John at
> By the way how does the Gran Criterium rank in the MASI hierachy ? Any tales
> from the workshop will be passed on. Oh ! I told him not to look too closely
> at the mitring of the tubes in the bottom bracket !!!


> Norris Lockley


> Settle, UK