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Thanks Scott!!! You are the greatest! Regards, John Proch La Grange, Texas

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Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA USA

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John D Proch wrote:
> Hello Schwinn Paramount fans,
> Does anyone know where Bob Hufford's http://www.usgeocities website went?
> It was so helpful and it disappeared.
> I used it like a road map for the Paramount info and it is like losing my road map for Schwinn Paramount.
> Is there an equally as helpful site?
> Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> John Proch
> La Grange, Texas

Hi John,

6 or 8 months back Geocities lost a server and that greatly damaged the Schwinn Lightweight Databook. The menus survived, but many of the links went nowhere.

Bob Hufford was going to rebuild it, but I've no idea how far he got before they announced the Geocities closing, nor have I heard of him putting it up elsewhere.

Have you tried the TR Findley site ?:

Lots of information there, but not quite a handy as Bob Hufford's.

Good Luck,

Rick Burns
Streator, IL usa