[CR] Lejeune Sauvage track frame

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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 05:37:20 -0500
Subject: [CR] Lejeune Sauvage track frame

Actually the bike in question appears to be a repaint, perhaps with new decals too. One photo shows the fixed cup painted with the paint flaking off the chrome. There is plenty of racism going around for everyone to share in the responsibility but I for one could not peg this particular headbadge as racist. It is simply a cartoon of an African tribesman holding a spear and wearing only the French flag as his loincloth or shorts. I've seen lots of respectful documentaries showing some primitive person holding a spear and barefoot. This cartoon shows him running but it's intended to be a race bike, so no problem there either. It also depicts certain exaggerations of lips and nose but cartoons are supposed to show exaggerated features whether they are Popeye, Dennis the Menace or Lil Abner. As usual, if there is racism it's in the intent not in the substance. Also, we are collectors of history, so we have a certain responseability not to attempt to re-write history. The bike stands as it is ready to be appreciated and owned. My problem with it is that the wrap around stays at the seat tube don't meet in the middle and indicate sloppy assembly techniques. The decal is fine.

Garth Libre in Miami Fl. USA