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Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 09:39:34 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Questions about Original Shimano Deore

I guess by DID you mean DynaDrive, the oversized pedal with the single inboard bearing? My Deore arms are DynaDrive, and AFAIK all original Deore arms were. I have the matching Deore DD pedals. AFAIK any original model Deore arms with conventional pedals would use an adapter that screwed into the oversized DD hole. I have at least one pair of those, but can't imagine using them, as DD, regardless of technical merit, was certainly an interesting innovation.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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> Jerry- This crank was one of those
> "what were they thinking" creations. So typical to Shimano
> is the almost interchangeable but not quite design.
> Additionally IIRC the rings were real flexi under hard
> pedaling. (Not that at 140lbs I worry too much about flex).
> Lastly you want to make sure that the pedal threading is of
> the dimension that you want. These cranks came with the DID
> option, I believe.
> Having said all that for collecting and looking at use this
> crank would be pretty cool, especially the DID version. I
> think it's time that the Jap stuff started to get the
> attention that the build quality deserves. It was common in
> shops, back then, to feel that Jap stuff was more consistent
> in it's quality and often better working the the Euro
> equivalent.
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> > I'm considering the original Deore for an upcoming
> build.  Here are the Deore cranks in a 1982 catalog:
> >
> >
> >
> > The crankarms are compatible with TA Cyclotourist
> outer rings, but the Deore rings were 5-hole, not 6-hole
> like Cyclotourist.  Outer ring could be drilled for
> only one inner ring (double) or two (triple).  But
> there were also LD and MD outer rings.  The catalog
> does not give the BCD of any of the rings, only the range of
> teeth for each.  From this it looks like the LD double
> probably had a 130 BCD inner, compatible with DuraAce rings.
> Sutherland's in two Editions I have says the triple inner
> was 85 mm, only 1 mm different from Stronglight model
> 99.  Did they really make it 1 mm different from one of
> the most widely available touring cranks?
> >
> > But the MD version is a mystery.  The inner ring
> on the MD double and the middle ring on the MD triple had a
> range of 34-37 and 34-35T respectively. One thinks these
> must have been the same BCD, but what?  Did they use
> the common 110 BCD or the Campy triple inner 100 BCD or the
> Avocet/Ofmega triple inner 102 BCD?  Anyone have any
> original Deore MD rings for trade or sale?  Or any
> original Deore rings for that matter?
> >
> > Regards,
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> > Jerry Moos
> > Bog Spring, Texas, USA
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