Re: [CR] Strange behavior of NR brake quick release?

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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 07:56:59 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] Strange behavior of NR brake quick release?

Never had a problem with any of my QR coming open during normal riding........I have one that is a bit on the stiff side, despite a complete overall, but other than that no problems.

The QR is there for a to ride with it in the 'open' is not such a good would you get the wheel out without knocking out the brake pads?........I see this with the local bunch I ride with.......on off topic bikes I know, but the majority of riders, usually on Shimano, ride with the QR 'up'........because they don't know what its there for! I know it is sometimes used if you fit a wider rim....which is one advantage to Shimano over Campag.....but this is getting off topic........

Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> Michael- The bike I rode today (an almost on topic, KOF) has the QR set
> open in normal use to avoid the "where's the brake gone" surprises. Campy
> NR, bulged QR lever (late 1970s? In service from early 1980s), Scott
> Mathouser pads. If set up the normal way the QR would open under firm or
> lengthy braking.
> I have attributed this to a vibration that I don't feel at the brake lever
> but the brake does feel at the QR lever. This is unique to only one bike
> of mine, two other Campy/SM padded bikes don't do this. The QR opening up
> started a number of years ago with no one change in the set up. At first
> it happened infrequently, then more often.
> Being the mechanic that I am I checked every thing out over and over for a
> while. I decided that no one thing was wrong or a danger and just re set
> the cable with the QR open. As I run 23mm sew ups on this bike the tire
> only needs a small assist to pass through the pads when removing it. I
> have used SM pads for a long time pretty much exclusively and always had
> squeal issues. I think/wonder if I changed pads if the QR problem would
> likely change.
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> Subject: [CR] Strange behavior of NR brake quick release?
>> I have noticed that my Nuovo Record front brake quick release tends to
>> "flip up" to the open position by itself during a ride. Has anyone else
>> ever had this problem. What causes this and is there a way to correct it?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Michael Haddad
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