Re: [CR] Another Pino Telavio shows up in Detroit - fork is needed though

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Dale emailed me off-list (I think), that Cecil has passed away, and I've just confirmed it by reading the Bikelist Archives. Oops, big bummer, and I should have known that ... sorry all. Thanks for setting me straight, Dale. Next idea anyone?

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(Psst, IIRC, Cecil Behringer passed away a few years ago) D ------Original Message------ From: Sender: To: Classic Rendezvous Cc: Subject: [CR] Another Pino Telavio shows up in Detroit - fork is neededthough Sent: Nov 24, 2009 9:37 PM

Yet another Pino Morroni Telavio road frame has turned up here in the Detroit area, and it was purchased by a local guy I know. The problem is that it is a frame only, in somewhat rough condition, and with no fork.

Crude pics taken at a LBS can be seen here:

Barring the nearly impossible chance that someone has a spare Pino fork available, does anyone know if Cecil Behringer is still building? Seems to me he would be the next best person to make one, given the rumors that he built some of Pino's bikes anyway. The frame is 58cm c-c, by the way. If not Cecil, then does anyone have a suggestion for someone else to make this, or where to acquire a fork that resembles this one on Wayne Bingham's Telavio?:

Thanks very much...

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