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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 12:01:56 -0800
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I apologize for that last message. I'm afraid my experiences with TruTemper tubing has clouded my memory on Reynolds tubing gauges. Please disregard my last message. This message has the correct gauges for the reynolds tube sets.


My ~1950 Carlton Flyer (24" frame) has the weight of an SL frame (1950 grams, before it was repaired), and it's made of Reynolds Tubing :

I think of classic tubing in terms of 3 different kinds of 'tubesets' :

7/5/7 tubing, has a toptube with walls of .7mm, .5mm, .7mm 8/5/8 tubing, has a toptube with walls of .8mm, .5mm, .8mm 10/7/10 tubing, has a toptube with walls of 1.0mm, .7mm, 1.0mm 9/6/9 tubing, has a toptube with walls of .9mm, .6mm, .9mm

The seat tube is the same, but one end is not butted (e.g. 7/5/5, or 8/5/5, 10/7/7, or 9/6/6) because the aluminum seatpost forms the butt at the top of the seat lug.

The downtube (in the two lightest gauges) is normally 1 gauge heavier in all 3 dimensions, compared to the top tube. I found a website with Reynolds advertisements, a history of Reynolds tube sets, and interview information with Reynolds officials :

If you scroll down halfway, you'll find ballpark frame weights:

7/4/7 weighs 1900 531 'Professional' or 'SL' or just 'Light' 8/5/8 weighs 2050 531 'Competition' or just regular 531 10/7/10 weighs 2200 531 'Super Tourist' or 'Special Tourist' 9/6/9 weighs 2300 501 double butted

In my experience, these weights match most of the frames that I own, including many Raleighs and TREK (501) bikes.

Tange and Reynolds at different times made a 6/3/6 top tube. Tange 6/3/6 top tubes were used on SEKAI 5000 superlight framesets, and Reynolds 6/3/6 top tubes were part of the 'Reynolds 753 TRACK' tube set.

- Don Gillies
San Diego, CA, USA