Re: [CR] FS: too many toeclips, now Toe Clip Lengths

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Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 09:47:20 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] FS: too many toeclips, now Toe Clip Lengths

What a pain. :-) Some list member actually wanted me to measure the toe clip lengths! Ok, OK, you think I've got nothing better to do when the fog is thicker than whatever this morning? You might be right. I've added some approximate lengths, from the back of the most forward part of the toe clip box to the back of the mounting plate.

BTW, I've also got surplus Shimano clips, the kind that have three screw holes in a triangle and bolt down to the top of their platform (Dynadrive, etc).

harvey sachs mcLean va (with apology for the missing sign-off earlier)
> Continuing some low-level herd-thinning, we offer some toe clips.
> Prices include US shipping, but preference to DC area folks who
> think dropping by to buy is a good idea. Beer is cold, tea and
> coffee are hot. Not this weekend, but sometime. :-)
> $19 NOS, NIB, Minoura "LL" Aluminum, with full mounting kit. (5.5 cm)
> $17 NOS but not bag, Minoura "LL" Aluminum, with full mounting kit.
> Why pay extra for a bag & label if you're gonna put 'em on a bike? (5.5 cm)
> $24 Campagnolo Wings, long (but not marked), aluminium, with grungy
> black nylon straps. clips will clean up nicely, straps fine for
> holding sew-ups. Two Campy bolts in bag, don't seem to have the
> other set but would look. (6.4 cm)
> $16 Crhistophe Special, the relatively rare long model, but the
> later double-line name stamp, with hardware. Good condition with
> scratches. (6.5 cm)
> $14 Christophe (medium) good, will clean up to not show much bare
> metal at the usual loop scrapes. (5.8 cm)
> $16 Reg Special, seem to be medium, no better than "Good," but
> pretty rare. Chrome peeling is on the back side of the mounting. I
> don't know where or why I got these, but must have feared a shortage. (5.8 cm)
> ORPHANS wanting to be reunited with siblings:
> $9 Christophe Special, NOS, like the above double-line. Such a deal
> on the combo!
> $8 Christophe D (double) single line name, very good. (4.6 cm)
> Yeah, these prices might be a bit dear, but remember that they
> include US shipping. Locals get discounts for helping me avoid the
> post office lines. Ask for post-Christmas shipping discount, eh?
> Savings on multiples? It's time for this stuff to move from my
> basement to yours, helping to reduce the post office deficit.
> Remaining stock will go to Westminster; Help Save This Great Stuff
> from Via! :-)
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