[CR] FS: Campy! Cinelli! Bits! Pieces!

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From: "Matthew 'Devotion' Bowne" <devotion_finesse@hotmail.com>
To: CR discussion list <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 17:48:22 -0500
Subject: [CR] FS: Campy! Cinelli! Bits! Pieces!

I am offering the following parts for sale to the esteemed list.

1) CAMPAGNOLO High Flange Pista Hubset. 32H. A lovely used 'pista' hubset with some strange details. Both front and rear hubs have an oil port clip on the barrel. I checked the locknuts for dates and they were un-marked and likely not original. In addition, the rear dust covers are flat and do not appear to be original. These are in need of a polishing and re-pack, but spin smoothly. Front and rear track nuts included, as is a Phil Wood lock ring. I am curious if it's possible that these started their life as road hubs and were "converted" to track hubs. Sure, a switch to a solid axle is easy enough, but might have someone taken the time turn the lockring threads? In any case, they are nice, weird and ready to build for your next fixed-gear project. $125 shipped.

2) AIRLITE High Flange Hubset. 32H/36H (f/r) Another shiny, lovely hubset which is smooth but in need of a re-pack. Front has domed axle nuts and rear has a mis-matched pair which aren't likely original. The rear hub is double-sided; fixed on one side and freewheel on the other. $85 shipped.

3) WEYLESS Front Hub and Skewer. 36H I erroneously listed this as a Hi-E a couple of weeks back. Immaculate spoke holes. Nicely cleaned up. No black band stickers on barrel. REALLY cool skewer! $25 shipped.

4) NOS 8T inch-pitch track cogs. I have various brands: T.D.C., Magistroni, some blanks and some marked "Made In England". Many available. $20 shipped.

5) CAMPAGNOLO 170mm Victory/Triomphe Crankset Not the prettiest, but a decent enough "rider" set. 52T and 42T chainrings included. $30 shipped.

6) CAMPAGNOLO Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur "Patent 1970" . Another "rider" in fair-good shape. Scratching on hanger and lower pivot bolt heads. Minimal scratching on cage. Lots of life left on pulleys. $40 shipped.

7) CAMPAGNOLO Record Bottom Bracket. English theaded. Later "thick-wall"/rifled cups. 68-SS-120 spindle. Campy bearings and crankarm attachment bolts included. Nice, clean races. $45 shipped.

8) NITTO B115 Road Handlebars Traditional road bend with slight outward flaring of the hooks. 40cm width. 25.4 clamp. Mounted but never ridden. $25 shipped.

9) WEINMANN Brake Bonanza! 3 pairs of '999' center-pull calipers, plus one orphan. (7 calipers total). Different generations. Red stickers on some, stamps on others. 1 pair of levers (no hoods). Couple of cable guides, etc. $40 shipped.

10) CAMPAGNOLO NR/SR Crankset. 165mm "strada" arms in good 'rider' condition with the usual nicks, toe strap wear, etc. Matched dates 1983. I am selling with your choice of Super Record chainrings (52/42T) OR Nuovo Record chainrings (52/43T). Chainring bolts and dustcaps included with either combination. Chainrings show lots of wear but certainly have miles left in 'em. $65 shipped.

11) UNIVERSAL 68 Brake Levers. Rubber is bad, but the levers would polish up quite nicely. $15 shipped.

12) CINELLI 1R Stem. "Winged C". Silver. 110mm. Some light scratches and insertion marks. A 'rider'. $35 shipped.

13) CINELLI 1R Stem. "Winged C". Silver. 115mm. Some light scratches and insertion marks. Another 'rider'. $35 shipped.

14) CINELLI 1R Stem. "Winged C". Black. 95mm. Some light scratches and insertion marks, but darn clean for a black stem! $40 shipped.

15) CINELLI "De Rosa" Pantograhed 1R Stem 105mm. Silver. Shell only. NO hardware, but black "C" button on front included. This thing is beat up but I think it could be polished and re-painted (panto in-fill) with relative ease. If ya like projects and happen to have a DeRosa that you've always wanted to mate with such a stem but didn't want to drop serious coin, here is your chance. $25 shipped.

16) 3TTT Stem. A clone of Cinelli's XA. 130mm in length. Clean lookin'. Expansion bolt head has some corrosion and ought to be replaced. $15 shipped.

No digital camera, but I can shoot iPhone pics and email them to seriously interested parties.

All items are "Or Best Offer". I will also discount for multiple items and will adjust for combined shipping. Thanks for looking.

Matthew Bowne
Brooklyn, New York