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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 19:48:51 +0000
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Subject: Re: [CR] early raleigh professional

Hello everybody,

I want to continue the raleigh professional discussion because the bike arrived at my house today.

Okay the first mystery is the serial number, it begins with an C? the complete numer is: C4619 and the other stamps says: 948 early examples start with a D or E, hmmm.

The dropouts are from zeus with eyelets on the front and back on the frame, i also read that the early models had no eyelets on the front fork, this is becomings strange, many things look the same as on the 1969 model but there are some little differences. Also the logo on the front is like the original logo, not the older oval one, but on the seatpost it's oval? the word striping decals are also newer, but underneath it you can see the original and smaller striping.

most parts are original, excempt from the 1980 campagnolo record hubs and the 1975 rear derailleur.

other time correct parts are an early Campagnolo 175 strada without date, campagnolo front derailleur, Way-Assauto headset and pedals, cinelli handlebar, campagnolo cable clamps and guides, campagnolo shifters with clamps.

Is this an early Commemorative Raleigh bike or is it a nice copy?

thanks for the earlier discussion,

here's the link to the pictures:

Arno Volkers Van 't Hoffstraat 9a 4834 XD Breda The Netherlands

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> >Thanks everybody for the great responds!
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> >I'm very curious, if it's a Raleigh, Carlton or a Geoffrey Butler
> >
> >i'll show you more when it's in my hands!
> >
> >thanks all of you
> >
> >cheers
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> >arno volkers
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> Arno
> I have seen that style of downtube decal used on a couple special
> built Raleighs. Commemorative gifts to individuals, show bikes, are
> the stories I've heard about them. This one looks very special also,
> with the chrome, fastback stays, headtube paint, etc. Serial number
> on the normal 1969/70 white Pros started with a "D" or "E". I would
> be curious to know what the serial number is on this one. All the
> white Pros I've seen had the oval Raleigh headbadge, so that's
> another mystery on yours.
> And yes please, when you have better pictures I would enjoy seeing
> those as well.
> Quite a find. Congratulations.
> Larry Osborn
> Bruceton Mills, West Virginia - USA