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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 07:42:20 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
To: Sadiq Gill <>, <>, verktyg <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] WTB: Short Stack Headset...

The Passage is an excellent choice. I have a Mercier that had been cut very short for an 80's alloy mid-priced Shimano Exage, which is 33.5. But the Exage has rather prominant markings and didn't look right on a Mercier. I replaced with the Passage, which is almost unmarked, polished, and from 10 feet away could be mistaken for a Campy pista HS. In The Day, the Campy pista, with a 33.7 stack was the usual solution for someone cutting a steerer too short. But they are expensive these days, while the Passage is amazingly cheap. I really wish people would include a spacer or two before they cut a steerer, expecially if they are using a low stack HS. Cutting to exact length really restricts the future choice of HS. I always include several mm of spacers before cutting a steerer.


Jerry Moos

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\r?\n> Subject: Re: [CR] WTB: Short Stack Headset...

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\r?\n> Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2009, 2:00 AM

\r?\n> Sadiq,


\r?\n> Tange or Tange-Seiki makes or made a wide variety of

\r?\n> headsets


\r?\n> Here's approximate some specs of some that are currently on

\r?\n> eBay:


\r?\n> Passage model 30.3mm stack height, 26.4 crown race

\r?\n> sometimes available in 27mm. These are their current

\r?\n> cheapest models $7-$12 and are probably a lot better than

\r?\n> cheap bike boom headsets.


\r?\n> Levin CDS model 33.4mm stack height, again sometimes

\r?\n> available in 27mm as well as 26.4mm crown race, $13-$31. Not

\r?\n> the greatest but decent quality for the money. Looks

\r?\n> classic.


\r?\n> Levin CD 35.8mm ???


\r?\n> Levin 37-8mm - 43mm Too big for your requirements, I've

\r?\n> seen a few of these that looked similar to Campy NR headsets

\r?\n> (but resisted brinelling).  ;-)


\r?\n> Ritchey Logic 33mm stack height, $10-$25 but they don't

\r?\n> have a classic look.


\r?\n> Specialized sold some high quality short stack height

\r?\n> headsets but they are pretty scarce these day.


\r?\n> Stronglight P3 33mm stack height but hard to find in inch

\r?\n> size.


\r?\n> I'd opt for the Tange Levin CDS. I've used several of them

\r?\n> and I have one I'm about to install on a bike that came with

\r?\n> a long gone English thread Stronglight P3.


\r?\n> Hope that this helps.


\r?\n> Chas. Colerich

\r?\n> Oakland, CA USA



\r?\n> Sadiq Gill wrote:

\r?\n> > Greetings....replacing a headset from an older

\r?\n> Condor.  I measured the old

\r?\n> > one as best as possible and it is in the low 30's

\r?\n> (mm).  I'd like not to

\r?\n> > have to use a bargain basement cruddy

\r?\n> headset....anyone have anything short

\r?\n> > and nice or know of such a beast?