Re: [CR] Can anyone ID this frame?

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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 22:48:11 -0800
From: "verktyg" <>
To: joe mcdoogle <>, <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Can anyone ID this frame?


Colner was a 2nd brand that Colnago introduced in the 70s to get around the UCI rules that only allowed a sponsor to have 1 cycling team.

COLnago ERnesto...

It's been debated whether Colnago made Colner frames but then you can ask, how many Colnago frames were farmed out too?

Here's a Colner frame that recently sold on eBay. Notice the spade shaped cutouts not clubs as in Colnagos:<blah>

There are also some "plastic" Colners being sold in Argentina. There's a strong Italian connection in Argentina. Let your imagination wander!

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

joe mcdoogle wrote:
> Hi Chas, thanks for your response. I think you are correct in it not be
> a Colnago as too many details don't add up. Unfortunately the more
> replies I get the muddier the water! So far it is a Colner, a Stan Pike,
> a Woodrup..! I think it is going to be quite difficult to nail down the
> original maker, other than to conclude it is a nice frame but not a
> Colnago. If I figure it out I'll let you know!
> Regards,
> Joe
> > Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 09:42:28 -0800
> > Subject: Re: [CR] Can anyone ID this frame?
> >
> > Joe,
> >
> > Going out on a limb, I doubt that it's a real Colnago frame. For
> > starters, it just doesn't look right. Then there's the clover leafs in
> > the the lugs and the seat stay tops. Colnagos late enough to use a
> > Cinelli BB shell probably would have had a shorter point on the top tube
> > lug without a cutout plus the cutouts look all wrong. All the Colnagos I
> > remember seeing had double taper seat stays. Check out some of the
> > pictures on the CR website:
> >
> >
> >
> > Caveat: Colnago is as bad as Raleigh as far as predictability and
> > consistency are concerned and you can always find variations.
> >
> > Chas. Colerich
> > Oakland, CA USA