Re: [CR] What headset stack can be used here?

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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 14:42:33 -0500
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OK, sorry for my hasty error everyone, Ken is absolutely correct. I first measured the steer tube down to the bottom of the head tube only. Buzzz ... try again. When re-measured, the correct resulting stack height for Jerome's Raysport must be no more than about 35-36mm. Thanks to Wayne, Chuck, and Ken for their quick responses!

Campagnolo headset stack height: So now that I had something to go on, I checked the archives to reveal a post from Greg Parker, who noted that a Record Strada (steel) headset is 39.1mm, and a Super Record Strada unit is taller at 42.2mm. And also, from a related post just yesterday, we saw that a Record Pista headset (steel) is only 33.7mm in height. Thus, my friend will be able to successfully use a steel Record Pista headset.

Next question: does anyone have a steel Record Pista headset available for sale? English thread is best, but Italian will work.

He is also in need of a 1970s Record seatpost, in 27.0mm. Anyone have one of those in good condition available for sale too?

Jerome mentioned that out of eight bikes, he is able to ride only ONE of them, the remainder being stuck in parts acquisition mode, so these two parts will get him up and running with another bike. Please help the vintage masses ... thanks!

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There's a Tange Levin CDS with a 30 mm stack height with one spacer, but 22 mm, wow, that is short! Is it the right fork? Perhaps could the top of the head tube be shaved? I've been told you need at least three complete threads engaged on headset locknuts. If I recall a Campy Strada Record is 36 or 38 mm. Super Record was taller.

Did you measure the steer tube length down to the crown race seat? If not (I don't think this is likely, you've been around this a long time) that could be eating up 12-15 mm. Just worthwhile to double-check.

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I've got a friend visiting, looking at bikes and needing a headset for his mid 70s Raysport. The head tube is 146mm, and the steer tube is close to 168mm, so a difference of approx. 22mm. Can a traditional Campagnolo Record steel headset be used here, or will it require something with a shorter stack height? An off topic Chris King unit is on there now, with one spacer, and the threads just barely engage the top nut. Any rapid help (or any help later on too) is much appreciated!

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