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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 17:27:58 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR] Bikes with Nuovo Gran Sport group


I suspect your dilemma might explain the relatively low prices fetched by these exact G.S. parts on Ebay. I can't think of another bike either!

I've got a 58cm G.S. like yours, only somewhat faded. I have momentarily lost interest in the almost-complete project as I found the Weinmann Concave rims were over-machined at the weld area, producing severe pulsation at the lever. I do look foreward to riding that frame, however. 58X56 geometry seemingly made to order...

Perhaps an old Italian rig? You'd need Ital BB cups to be exact, but many frames come with those and an older, 2nd-tier frame might be in want of such a gruppo. I've got a 56cm Campi, for example, that's big on patina and might be a fun project for just such a less-than-too-serious fitment.

Note that 3-pin chainrings like those flex mightily under load when crossing the chain from big ring to big cog or from small-to-small. Makes the perfect front derailer adjustment elusive for the strong or "big" rider. BTW, I've got an early-'80's Bianchi Limited frame in ~57cm size, with Engl. BB. Blue paint in great condition, Ishiwata 022 with great lugwork and early 600 Alloy hdst. (220.shipped)

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Subject: [CR] Bikes with Nuovo Gran Sport group

> Hey all, I have a Raleigh Competition GS that is too big for me...
> I've decided to look for a frame to do a
> parts swap. I will probably just watch ebay for a smaller similar frame
> but was wondering what other makes and models of bikes would be
> appropriate for a Nuovo GS group with the 3 pin crankset? Any suggestions
> for other appropriate frames to watch for?


> Thanks,


> John Guerry

> Ballwin, MO, US