Re: [CR] Toestrap detail on Leggerissimo Cinelli

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Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 12:30:57 -0800
From: "David Kulcinski" <>
To: Thomas Adams <>, <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Toestrap detail on Leggerissimo Cinelli

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Dear List:

Still looking wistfully at the Cinelli, and noticed a different toe strap routing:

Does anyone know what the point of this is? To put the strap a little farther back? Less pressure on the outside of the foot? Or just a goofy routing by someone who either didn't know better or is eccentric?

Tom Adams Manhattan, KS USA


I would suggest that it just another way of keeping the strap from sliding around; other than twisting the strap between the 2 slots in the pedal. I don't believe that the strap would be any farther back when it was tightened.

Thank you,

David Kulcinski
Orange, CA USA