Re: [CR] Stronglight 57 Chainring, NOW 49 Bolt izes

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Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 15:51:53 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
To: <>, Wayne Bingham <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Stronglight 57 Chainring, NOW 49 Bolt izes

Well I guess my lack of knowledge about the earlier mod 49 rings is partly that so many pre-WWII through 50's photos of these cranks show the 49D arms with TA or occasionaly Rosa rings. And the later ones with 10 mm bolts were around for decades, into the 80's, even seen badged as Spidel. The 49D must be in contention with TA Cyclotourist for the longest-lived crankset. The 49D was introduced much earlier, but the TA has survived almost to the present, and I'm not sure it's dead yet. Every time we think it is dead, TA seems to decide to make one more production run.

Vive La France,

Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

--- On Tue, 12/8/09, Wayne Bingham wrote:

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\r?\n> Subject: [CR] Stronglight 57 Chainring, NOW 49 Bolt izes

\r?\n> To:

\r?\n> Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 5:35 PM

\r?\n> I believe that the earlier rings for

\r?\n> the 49 crankarms were model #13, and

\r?\n> had 7mm non-counter-bored holes for mounting the inner ring

\r?\n> and used a hex

\r?\n> head bolt with a 7mm shoulder (rather than the later 10mm

\r?\n> recessed

\r?\n> hex-socket bolt).  I have some of the later mode #490

\r?\n> Stronglight rings with

\r?\n> the 50.4 and 122 BDC holes, and they have 10mm

\r?\n> counter-bored 122 BCD holes

\r?\n> and 7mm non-counter-bored 50.4 BCD holes.  Don't know

\r?\n> and won't speculate on

\r?\n> other Stronglight iterations.


\r?\n> Wayne


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\r?\n> Jerry Moos wrote:

\r?\n> I guess I learn something every day.  I thought the

\r?\n> model 49D had 10

\r?\n> mm holes to attach the inner ring, and that the 10 mm bolts

\r?\n> carried

\r?\n> over to mods 57, 63 and 93.  But evidently not. 

\r?\n> Can anyone confirm

\r?\n> that early mod 49s had 7 mm bolts for the inner ring? 

\r?\n> I always

\r?\n> wondered how, if at all, mod 57 and 63 rings were different

\r?\n> from mod

\r?\n> 93.  It seems the mod 57 at least had smaller

\r?\n> holes.  What about mod

\r?\n> 63?


\r?\n> Regards,


\r?\n> Inresponse to Ted Baer:

\r?\n> WTB/WTT:  I am in need of one Stronglight 57 Super

\r?\n> Competition Chainring.

\r?\n> Prefer size 52--but 51 or 50 would also be suitable. 

\r?\n> The BCD of this ring

\r?\n> is 122mm.  Chainring bolt hole diameter is the early

\r?\n> 7mm size.  I am looking

\r?\n> for NOS or excellent condition.

\r?\n> Would prefer to pay you cash via PayPal or Money Order, but

\r?\n> if you are in

\r?\n> need of a specific item, I may have it for trade.