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Tony- The first USA market Raleigh Comps that I remember had Huret drop outs to go with the Jubilee derail lures. Then the components went to Campy and the drop outs changed, to what I don't know. When the model was started to be made in Japan Raleigh tried initially to mimic the English style of design and look. But not quite, hence the lug lining and paint comments I made earlier. This period of time was not too many model years long. At the time I remember the thought was that the Japanese version lost some of the appeal of the English ones. But as the guy who assembled them and later would service them I preferred the Jap made ones. The Comp was always in an odd position in the line up. We sold more Internationals or Pros then Comps or Gran Sports and tons more Super Courses. ----- Original Message ----- From: Anthony Taylor To: Andrew R Stewart ; damien roohr ; Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 6:09 PM Subject: Re: [CR] Intro & comp GS country of manufacture question

Hi all,

Not too long ago, I bought a Raleigh frame (ebay), thinking it was a Competition model. It has Nervex lugs, the classic Raleigh head badge, the classic '70's elegant long rake fork, half chrome front and back, but it has Suntour drop-outs. I cannot find the frame number pattern on any of the sites dating frames by the number.

The seller listed it as a 56 cm, but it is a 58 - too big. It is still a very nice frame even if a bit of a mystery. I would appreciate any feed back.

Cheers from "sunny" 8'' + Manchester NH

Tony Taylor

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Damien- For any one who is familiar with the English Raleigh bikes spotting a Japanese version is easy. They look kind of like the English ones but the details are slightly off. Clumsier lug lining but with more consistent frame paint being the start of the visuals differences. My memory is too dim to recall if the drop outs were different but I think so. Also dim is the change from Euro but non Campy components, to Campy GS (with the three arm crank) then to the Campy GS with the 5 arm crank. I sure others will be more detailed in the comparison.

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> > Hi everyone, > By way of introduction I have been racing bicycles for about 25 years in New England, not so much the past 5 years, and as for results, solidly mediocre. I cut my riding and racing teeth on a 1974 Raleigh Super Course Mk II (green and white) which I am still kicking myself for getting rid of - although I have the Normandy hubs and Huret Jubilee DRs on my desk as conversation pieces). Of late have been developing a keen interest in acquiring and refurbishing a vintage ride. Here is my question: > > Was the Raleigh Competition GS ever manufactured in Japan? I am pretty certain through the 1970s they were made only in England - so I am concerned with 1980, 81, 82. I do not have a serial number to reference at this time - so if some were made in Japan and some not, does anyone know how one could tell the difference? > > I am considering acquiring a 1981 with full GS components - and it says "Carlton" on the seat tube. But I really want to invest in an England-made frame for this project. Thanks in advance - you guys (meaning everyone) are great! > > Damien Roohr > Canton CT > 1999 Klein Quantum Pro > 1982 Schwinn Traveler fixie conversion > > _______________________________________________ > Classicrendezvous mailing list > >

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