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I wonder if the Chicago Park District could be convinced to host bike races on the large park loop roads in Chicago, today? Marquette, Humboldt, and others have roads that would make great road-like courses, in addition to Sherman.

I also wonder if there are any sites or books on the history of bicycle racing in Chicago?

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> Ray and I rode a many races together.
> This was the first race of the 1950 season at Sherman Park in Chicago.
> It was a "B" category event.
> By winning I was moved into "A class, in just my second senior season.
> Ray went into "A" a few races later.
> Ray worked at in the Schwinn engineering frame and other design at
> the time.
> A few years later he moved down to Texas and started his own custom frame
> shop.
> Eddie was quite right on the pedal quill details.
> I might add that many of the times the quills were bent and broken off in
> spills.
> At the time guys only had one bike, and used same on road and track , any
> distance or course. The banked indoor tracks, mostly were 10/12 laps to a
> mile and banked around 55 degrees in the turn.
> when riding slow on that banking, the quill could touch, so they were
> chopped off for the upside track clearance in addition to the aforementioned
> reasons from Eddie and others.
> How many of you remember some of the most popular pedals, Union and
> Wippermann of prewar fame?
> Union came in two widths, one for road - wide, and the shorter track
> version. Think Wippermann did also but not sure.
> Lots of road only riders would use wide pedals, but almost all the track
> riders who also rode on the road used the narrow track pedal.
> I was also surprised at how many road riders in Europe used track pedals in
> the road races
> Ted Ernst
> Palos Verdes Estates
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> Romic's owner Ray Gasorowski (Romic was his nickmname in Polish) is second
> to Ted in the photo. I didn't know for sure if they raced against each
> other, but it makes sense, as both spent a number of years in the Chicago
> area. If you back up a level from this link, you can navigate to the main
> Romic page. It has a history and a gallery, including my Romic tourer.
> Ray was a fixture in the Houston area for a couple of decades. I don't
> think any Houston framebuilder before or since has been as well known.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
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>> Above is a link to a tribute to Romic. Interestingly,
>> the picture on this site shows a race, with Ted Ernst
>> leading out to win. Another listmember sent
>> this to me. I believe the site is also done by a
>> listmember. Thanks. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA
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Ken Freeman
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