Re: [CR] The mid-70's front-wheel QR bike?

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Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 19:03:53 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] The mid-70's front-wheel QR bike?

On Dec 13, 2009, at 5:41 PM, Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
> The Duravia, BTW, has solid axles with wingnuts. As Mike pointed
> out, the solid axles can actually be an advantage when carrying this
> kind of load, even though the traffic here is light enough that I
> usually have room to maneuver around the potholes.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos

The problem with modern-not the Duravia's-solid axles is that they are not as strong as QR axles. QR axles are made of stronger steel. I have no certain knowledge but I think Wheels Mfg. solid axles may be better than OEM. Phil Brown All QR myself in Oakland, Calif.