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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:04:09 +0000
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Hi Larry. 55cm is awfully short, i don't think i've ever seen a GB that short. 60cm is common among SR and other Japanese makers. Sansin made some beautiful Cinelli-like ones as short as 45mm. And there's a "JUN" model stem, a low end, faux lug type which has the advantage of a relatively tall quill. I may have one of those and if so i'll send you a pic. A short stem is going to affect handling somewhat and you may want to move the saddle up a bit as a compromise. Good luck. Billy Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA.

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Subject: [CR] In search of ~55mm GB stem - buy or trade

Greetings campers & holiday shoppers

Setting up a new steed to ride which has a ridiculously long 42 inch wheelbase with room to spare in the rear dropout. Long reach to the handlebar for my torso impaired carcass, and much more "aero" in that position than I need to be at this age, so I need to find a stem shorter than the 75mm that's on it. Need to lose about an inch / 2cm of reach.

Searching for a decent looking GB stem, 55mm or something close, 60s vintage preferred, but not critical. The one currently on the bike has a little riser that creates the flat for the expander bolt head, but otherwise it looks like the other GBs that Raleigh littered the planet with in the 70s, with the large "GB" on each side. A GB "Hiduminium" spearpoint stem would work too. Purchase or trade. Have other longer, standard issue 70s GBs (95, 105?) ranging from new to abused that I can trade. Not interested in the model with the I-beam style extension, whatever that thing was called.

Thanks Larry "reaching for the bars" Osborn Bruceton Mills, West Virginia - USA