[CR] Subject: Bianchi fork steerer length

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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:28:43 -0600
From: "Brad Luecke" <brluecke@gmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Subject: Bianchi fork steerer length


Cutting the length of a fork steering tube is really not a big deal. You just need a good hacksaw and you can even use old threaded top races to guide the cut. BUT....the threads need to be long enough to allow the threaded race to be adjusted correctly. New threads can be cut, but that is a job for a well equipped bike shop or even better a good frame builder/repairer. The chrome on the steerer tube is pretty hard on cutting tools also.

This is just a wild guess, but my bet is the fork is just a minor issue that can be worked with or fixed pretty easily if the frame really calls your name. Even just adding spacers, while not visually nice, doesn't hamper performance.

Good luck.

Brad Luecke Columbia, Missouri, USA

> From: <paul.ozzello@b2b2c.ca>
> Subject: [CR] Bianchi fork steerer length
> Hi all,
> I'm interested in a late 80's Bianchi but the fork steerer just seems too
> long.
> The seller's bike has a 57cm frame with a fork marked 59.
> http://gallery.me.com/ugyved#101825
> I have several vintage Bianchis from the 70s and the frame size always
> matches
> the number stamped on the fork.
> I've mostly gotten the run-around from the seller:
> "there's no other bike like it"
> "I got it from a racer who got it from a racer"
> "don't buy it if you don't trust me"
> "As you well know a C-Record headset is taller"
> he then proceeds to send me a picture of the frame when it had a mishmash
> of
> campy/shimano parts, and a shimano headset stacked full of spacers!
> Could a fork this long have actually come stock on this bike? Could the
> fork be
> safely cut to the appropriate length? I haven't seen many Bianchis like it
> so
> I'm assuming it wasn't sold in North America. I know it's a bit off topic
> but
> it would have been the perfect frame for a C-Record build. What is such a
> frame
> worth?
> If anyone has one for sale, I'm interested!
> Paul Ozzello
> Montreal, Quebec
> Canada