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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 10:56:43 -0500
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Subject: [CR] Info Sought: OMPAX Bicycles

Morning Folks,

Over the weekend I saw an interesting bicycle, with a nice headbadge which said OMPAX with a Canadian Maple Leaf. It had a Champion 1 frame with Shimano rear drop outs and Tange front drop outs. Chrome headlugs, a sloping fork crown which looked a lot like early 70s Raleighs (the top of the crown was chromed) and chrome seat stay caps. It had two smallish stickers, one was made in Japan and the other was Kuwahara - Osaka. The components were mostly all early Dura Ace (Crane RD), with SR custom seat post, bars & stem, a Fujita leather saddle and KKT pedals. 27" Arraya rims (small flange DA hubs) and Avocet tires.

The only braze on was for a rear derailleur stop and the serial number seems to indicate an August 1975 build date. Anyone know what this bike was all about back in the day? The current owner has had it for about 15 years and bought it at an estate sale in Maine.

I 'Googled' Ompax and found a little information but nothing tracing the history (there were a few Ompax bicycles for sale on various Craigslists) except a small entry about OMPAX Trading Co., but they do not have a website (maybe they are not even in business?). Was there a Kuwahara "connection"? If so, when did Kuwahara stop building road frames (maybe they still do in Japan?) for the North American market?

It was a very nice looking bicycle and part of a fairly extensive collection (mostly Japanese), so it was not for sale.

Chuck Brooks.....Just Curious in