Re: [CR] Workmanship on Masi USA frames

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 10:04:07 -0800
From: "Chuck Hoefer" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Workmanship on Masi USA frames

John Thompson wrote:
> wrote:
>> Just out of curiousity - who else on CR worked at Masi, CA USA during the era
>> in question?
> Joe Starck did in the 80s. Perhaps Mike Howard as well?
> I worked there when Mike HOward did. and for a while after he left with Brian to start Wizard. My name is Chuck Hoefer and in 1977 I started Pacific Coast Cycles in Oceanside, Calif. From early 1978 until 2003 I was in Carlsbad, the next town South of Oceanside. I now run the shop as a one man (and part time wife, Gretchen) shop and I love what I'm doing. I recently bought back the Masi that was built for me when I worked at Masi. It had been in the hands of another for over 20 years. I'm glad to have it back but it is by no means my favorite bike. I thought it would be. Oh well.
      Chuck Hoefer
      Vista California USA