Re: [CR] Period Appropriate Saddles. (Dean Nixon)

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Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 08:21:35 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Period Appropriate Saddles. (Dean Nixon)

> Dean Nixon wrote asking about 1968 saddles for a Masi Pista
> What were the commonly used track saddles of that time?
> Were the plastic saddle shells
> available or was it more of a brooks style leather and rivets? I'm not
> necessarily looking for a 1960's saddle but at least something that
> looks
> correct. Make and model suggestions welcomed.

Cinelli Unicanitors were around, the plain plastic version with the arcs of small holes in the top Referred to at the shop as a model 65. The early version of the "quilted top" saddle from them, not the more common shape, it is more low in profile as viewed from the side. Originally with a rectangular World Championship sticker underneath. Also, seen with no padding and no quilting, just a leather cover.

Brooks saddles of various types. It would be really nice to have on of the Otussi (sp) modified Brooks saddles for that...

John Jorgensen
Today in Torrance Ca USA