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<<...TR for Ritchey brand spokes made by DT...>>

Brian, are you sure about that DT connection? I know Ritchey had some big, big problems with spoke breakage in their complete wheel sets, so it's hard to imagine that DT made those. I thought they were Asian made...? Or maybe Ritchey changed or had multiple manufacturers?

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TR for Ritchey brand spokes made by DT Brian Van BaushAnacortes, WA USA

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Here's my table: Spoke Head Markings Mark Brand Country Comment DT DT Swiss Switzerland U Union Germany R (Reversed) Redaelli Italy A Alpina Italy Y Prym Germany E Trois Etoiles France Robergel Crescent Robergel France Clover Berg-Union Switzerland Star Stella Italy W Wolber? W Wheelsmith USA Since 1984 P ? P (script) Phil Wood USA Three stars Trois Etoiles France Robergel Three dots Ohio USA Trek? Cross (+) Torrington USA (Connecticut) A Asahi Japan H Hoshi Japan SAP Sapim Belgium on the elbow T in shield ?

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