Re: [CR] "Bisbee Bike Brothel" - a put-off?

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Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 10:12:57 -0800
From: "Sky" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] "Bisbee Bike Brothel" - a put-off?

I too think it's a great name. It's memorable for sure. It's one of those names that makes you want to buy a shirt and im sure he does very well with his shirt sales.

I hear the same exact thing with my shop "Velo Cult". Originally the name was Velo Culture but i shortened it when i moved locations because Velo Cult is much more memorable and fits nicer on T-shirts, Jerseys and other places where you print you name on products. I will admit that the name is too strong for some of my local customers but on the web it seems to be a winner with bike nerds. Locally i get the problem of people thinking im a fixed gear hipster shop because they think the word Velo is short for velodrome unfortunately and they think the word Cult has something to do with young punk subcultures. Over time they figure out we're a fun shop that just loves steel bikes of kinds and the strong memorable name is better to have i think, especially on the world wide web.

maybe im biased but i think Ken has a great name with The Bike Brothel.

-- Sky Boyer Velo Cult Bicycles 2220 Fern st. San Diego, CA 92104 619-819-8569