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My question is why the honeycomb dropouts have some of their casting details. That frame isn't here at the house just now, but one side or the other has a funny ridge up the back of the casting -- they're asymmetrical. Does anybody know what this might be?

I'll take a picture tomorrow, but I'm sure other people have these and might know.

Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA USA

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This is a rebadged Gitane Interclub (or similar Tour de L'Avenir European only model)frame. These were Gitane's amateur racing models.

Gitane bought Helyett in the 1960s and killed off the marque. They tried resurrecting the Helyett name in the late 70s with several mid range Gitane models with Helyett decals.

It's probably a 1976 model. That's when some Interclubs came with 3 main tubes Reynolds 531 frames. The 1976 US Gitane catalog says the Interclub had a "Special Super-Light tubing frame" and the 1977 catalog "Durifort frame and fork". So which was it??? Gitane was far worse than Raleigh for not following their catalog specifications plus they made different models for specific markets.

In 1974 and 75 the Tour de France looked almost the same as this eBay frame except the TdF frames had long point lugs with cutouts and Stronglight P3 headsets. Interclubs from this era used medium point Bocama lugs plus they used the same cheap headsets as the entry level Gitane models (hex top nut vs: a round pin spanner nut on the Stronglight P3s).

Check out the website for more on Gitanes.

Chas. Colerich with 11 classic Gitanes in the stable Oakland, CA USA

Art and Ellenor Link wrote:
> They also appear on this Helyett on ebay#110471896796. Art Link,Austin,TX