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Someone recently posted a list of the various Raleigh models that came in Team colors, Hilary Stone???

The gas pipe models would have had stamped steel dropouts and definitely used a smaller diameter seat post.

Supposedly in 1979 a shipment of 100 Raleigh "Record" bikes meant for France arrived in the the US by mistake. They had the same Reynolds 531 frames used on Competition GS bikes plus a variety of mid range or better components.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA wrote:
> Would the 'Gas Pipe' versions have forged and adjustable dropouts and
> also use a 27.2 seat post?
> Chuck Brooks
> Malta, NY NEUSA
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> The pictures are bad but it does say RECORD on the down tube.
> In the late 70s Raleigh produced a number of different models in the
> "painted lady" red, black and yellow team kit including the lowly gas
> pipe Record in this Craigslist offering.
> We were a Raleigh dealer for a brief period in the late 70s. We picked
> up the line to have another brand of European bikes in the tier above
> entry level - $175-$250 range. Specifically the 1977-78 Grand Prix model:
> <>
> They came in blue, brown and silver but we had to take whatever color
> they shipped us.
> 7up was running a contest in the US at that time and the top prizes were
> Raleigh Grand Prix bikes in team kit, supposedly made just for that promo.
> Raleigh was doing well in the pro peloton in Europe but were fast losing
> market share to the Japanese in the US.
> The 7up promo must have been a flop because were received several of the
> Grand Prix bikes in team kit that were only supposed to be for the 7up
> contest.
> In those days very few in the US besides hard core bikies had any
> awareness of pro bike racing in Europe! We had a hard time selling the
> team kit bikes because they were considered gaudy!
> I have a 1979 Raleigh Record which has a Competition GS Reynolds 531
> frame in team kit with Suntour Cyclone derailleurs, Raleigh badged SR
> Royal cranks, black Modolo brakes, SR seatpost, Cinelli bars and stem
> and low flange Normandy Competition hubs with Mavic sewup rims.
> These were apparently built for the European market but somehow a few
> ended up in the US.
> Chas. Colerich
> Oakland, CA USA