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Hi Ken,

Ask the builder. In all my years of wheel building I have never found "exotic" spoking patterns to be of any 'real world' value other than aesthetics.


Chuck Brooks Malta, NY NEUS

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My winter bike wheels (Normandy hubs and Mavic MA2 rims) have just come back from the wheel shop after a respoke with Italian stainless spokes to try and solve a clicking spoke issue. I note that the wheel builder has employed a rather unusual technique to lace the spokes and he calls this Spanish lace.

The Spanish lace appears to be a combination of radial spoke lacing and 2X spoke lacing (forward and reverse) on adjacent spokes with all the spoke heads being inserted from the inside face of the hub flange.

A picture of this hub and spoke weave can be found at

I wonder why the wheel builder has chosen to employ this lace pattern other than as a cure for 3X lacing boredom ?

Are any technical advantages or disadvantages known about this spoke lace pattern ?


Ken Hume London, England

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