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Wow, thanks Charles. That's not far from me, and I am already plotting to go see that Columbine this week. I bought one from Lou a couple of years ago and loved it, although it turned out to be too small for me no matter how much I tried to will it larger. Columbine frames are truly an American classic artisan bike, and I've been chasing them for decades.

There are a few other cool bikes in that lineup (this is a blatant distraction to steer y'all away from that Columbine), but alas, if anyone is interested, and if I can get down there to check it out, I'll be happy to fill you in on it.

Thanks for the heads up Charles!

Greg Overton erasing my Christmas List and starting over, near Denver, Colorado

Quoting Charles Nighbor <>:
> Here is Cycle RE Cycle Colorado Bicycles for Sale web site
> A Colubine 54cm is listed that is one great brame. Ask Lou deeter about them
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> Charles Nighbor
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