Re: [CR] eBay Outing "Quintanium Roo" painted by Brian Baylis

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This auction is from a friend who briefly joined CR a few years ago. Joe owns several Baylis frames, including I believe the first frame that Brian made for himself. He also has a nice 70s Derosa and a couple of nice Dave Tesch 101 frames. Brian showed some of Joe's frames at both Cirque and VeloRendezvous. I've tried several times to buy them, to no avail. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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And now for something completely different, I bring you:<blah

And no, I have no idea what the framesize is, so it's not in my subject line. It is; however, TTT (Thermonuclear Time Trial), so I'm sure it is exempt from normal sizing conventions.

Someone out there has a sense of humor. Enjoy.

Marc St. Martin
Livermore, California