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Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 01:28:10 +0000
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The seller is offering the bike on Craigslist for $250

This is bike is from the early eighties (80/81) and the Zeus frame sets by this time were basically all the same except some had chrome fork ends and etc indicating a perceived level of quality. The only real difference was the level of components used. You could put your 2000 group on this frame and have a nice bike but this bike would most likely have come with the 2001 group set. Not sure which 2000 group set you have but Zeus the 2000 components started showing up in 1974 and ended around 1980.

For a Zeus little trivia; Orbea actually purchased Zeus in the late 1970's. You can buy a new Orbea and they still use the Zeus name on some of their components.

Scott Edrington San Diego CA

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Guys, I need some help with information on a Zeus bike listed on Ebay. The listing is:<blah>