Re: [CR] Was: Vicini. Then: breaking rules. Now: Clarification.

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Jerry wrote:<< cannot attach a photo directly to an email, as this is not allowed, and the attachment wil be stripped off.>>Actually, just to be clear, it is not against the CR rules, so much as simply that the host software does not support attachments of any kind, any file type. I kinda wish we could attach pics myself, would save a lot of hassles... Dale BrownGreensboro, North Carolina -----Original Message-----From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>To:;; oroboyz@aol.comSent: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 10:57 amSubject: Re: [CR] Was: Vicini Bike. Now: breaking this list's rules....Sorry, I meant that message for Peter offlist. Didn't mean to pursue the discussion of price onlist, even though I'm assuming Peter is truly saeking guidance and not "fishing" for an offer, which the rule is meant to prevent. BTW Peter, if you do want to send photos to the list, which would be appropriate if offering the bike AT A SPECIFIC CLEARLY STATED PRICE as the rules require, you cannot attach a photo directly to an email, as this is not allowed, and the attachment wil be stripped off. You would need to place the photo on some server, then include a link to that server location in the email. But again, you need to state a specific price if you intend to actually offer a bike for sale here.Regards,Jerry MoosBig Spring, Texas, USA--- On Wed, 12/23/09, Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> wrote:> From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>> Subject: Re: [CR] Was: Vicini Bike. Now: breaking this list's rules....> To:,,> Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 9:46 AM> Peter, maybe Dale is being a bit> strict, but he is trying to enforce a rule against folks> fishing for offers on the CR list. I believe the> answer is that this bike is worth "a few hundred dollars",> which could be as little as $200 or as much as $500> depending on the condition, frame tubing, and exact> components. Vicini is not one of the "big name" Italian> bikes, but it is fairly well known and respected in> collector circles. Nuovo Grand Sport was Campy's> second line component group, usually found on good but not> top model frames. One thing that will reduce the price> a bit is the size. A 63 cm frame obviously has fewer> potential buyers than a 56 or 58 cm frame. If you send> me photos, I'll try to give you a better guess. The> price of a bike would be maximized by disassembling,> cleaning everything, regreasing all bearings, waxing the> frame and reassembling, but that obviously requires> labor. At the least, one should clean as well as> possible without> disassembling and give it a coat or two of wax. Of> course you probably do a bit of this on all bikes, but> presentation is probably more important on a classic one.> > Regards,> > Jerry Moos> > --- On Wed, 12/23/09,> <>> wrote:> > > From:> <>> > Subject: [CR] Was: Vicini Bike. Now: breaking this> list's rules....> > To:,>> > Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 7:31 AM> > > > << We are contemplating selling it to> raise money> > for the Bike Center. Does anyone have an idea of the> value> > of this bike? Any comments would be appreciated.> > > > The Community Bicycle Center >>> > > > > > Dear Peter:> > > > Despite this being for a worthwhile charity, you have> > broken two important Classic Rendezvous rules in this> > message. > > > > 1.) You did not sign off as required. We must all sign> off> > our messages using first and last name, city, state> and> > country. Usually this breach results in an automatic> removal> > from the list, but it's Christmas... > > > > 2.) Then there's rule #5:> > "5. The CR list is for enthusiasts to share> > and appreciate their hobby. > > It is NOT to be used to maximize the> > selling prices of vintage bikes or > > parts, nor as a tool to establish> > "value.\u201d "What is my/your/this X > > worth?" is an inappropriate topic. Please> > search online auctions such as > > eBay for that information." > > > > In addition, anyone knowledgeable would really> require> > pictures of the in question bike to make a reasonable> guess> > as to value. > > > > > > Dale Brown> > List meister> > Greensboro, North Carolina USA> >> > > > > > > > > > > > > > -----Original Message-----> > From: Peter Chace <>> > To:> > Sent: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 8:18 am> > Subject: [CR] Vicini Bike> > > > > > Hello,> > > > I am a volunteer at the Community Bicycle Center in> > Biddeford, Maine,> > We are a community base> > mentoring program.> > Recently a donor brought us a Vicini bike. Engraved on> the> > bottom bracket> > shell is 3 26 80 (date of manufacture?). It is a big> bike,> > with the seat> > tube measurement 63cm+. It has Galli Criterium rims,> with> > Campagnolo Record> > hubs. The rear derailleur is labeled Campagnolo Nuovo> Gran> > Sport. Other> > components are also labelled Campagnolo G.S. The fork> > appears to be chrome,> > without any identification I could find. There are> some> > scratches on the> > paint, but this bike is in good shape> > > > We are contemplating selling it to raise money for the> Bike> > Center. Does> > anyone have an idea of the value of this bike? Any> comments> > would be> > appreciated.> > > > The Community Bicycle Center> > _______________________________________________> > > > > > =