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Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 10:51:14 -0500
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I was born in 1953 and since 1958 lived across the alley from a man who owned first an MGA, and then an Austin Healey 3000. I can't figure out if it was a Mark I or III, but definitely 6 cylinder, and I think he may have upgraded it from 2 carbs to 3. Every morning as I got ready to walk over to the grade school I heard that wonderful engine sound as the car was started, warmed up, and competently driven away. That sound and the way a well-driven stick shift sounds, are imprinted on me. I'd love to have one, but these cars had a big problem with rust. At least the body panels could be unbolted and refinished frontside and backside, but it really demands too much involvement for me.

Finally he got an XKE, then few years later a Corvette in the early Mako Shark design. Oh well, ...

I've never had a Brit car, but I did have a Fiat!

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> Hi Ray. I was born in1954 and was early imprinted w/ what a car or bike
> should look like. I've always been fond of the British iterations of both.
> It used to be you couldn't go a day w/out seeing a Triumph or MG or a Jag or
> an AH. Now they're few and far between. I saw a lovely MGA 1600 this summer
> in Michigan and it nearly took my breath away. That's how cars are supposed
> to look! I always thought i'd own a Spitfire or an MGB GT [like in the
> beautiful Richard Thompson song] but no such luck. This winter i'll be
> building up a Holdsworth, 531 straight gauge triangle, w/ a Cyclo Benelux 60
> rear derailleur and GB brakes as an hommage to my love of British
> mechanicals. Your Triumph is gorgeous and i wish you many happy miles in it.
> Happy holidays. Billy Ketchum, Chicago.
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> As you say, some see this as a traitorest act but you would be surprised
> how many CR members who wrote me have or have had Triumphs or other brit
> cars. There are more of us out there then I even though. Cheer up, there is
> always another bike. One of my french treasures will be up for sale soon to
> finance another auto.
> Ray
> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 1:41 PM, wrote:
> Ray! How could you! She's a........a car! I always knew there were
> others, but this! I'm going home [sob] to mother. I hope the two of you will
> be [sob] happy. The French racer gathering dust in the rafters [and now I
> know why]
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> Subject: [CR] A new love in my life
> Well it has been a long time since you have seen a posting from me on
> this site. There have been some changes in my life that impacted my
> bicycle collecting and her name is Rosey. She came into my life just
> about the time I ceased posting on this site. I think you would all
> agree that she is beautiful enough to distract from my collection and
> even to dominate my time spend with her. Consequenty I find myself
> spending less and less time with bicycles and more with her.
> A little bio of Rosey, she was born in the UK in 1960. Typical British
> white complexion but she is as exciting as all heck. Just a few years
> younger than me and can ride a hell of a lot faster. Being with her is a
> comfort but like all of her kind she demands a lot of attention and is
> high maintenance. Still I have not lost the ability to provide both. The
> real good news here is that even my wife does not mind, I think she is
> happy to see this old dog giving her more space to live her life.
> Consequently I am finding it more and more difficult to spend time with
> my bicycles and many grow dusty, ill maintained and tires flattening. My
> bits linger in parts drawers or hang in the rafters lifeless. I have
> made the decision to begin to liquidate much of the collection so Rosie
> and I can spend more quality time together. I am starting to get things
> together so I can post them here before anywhere else as this has been
> my home for my second love. If any of you had your eyes on some of my
> bikes or bits in the past, now is the time to drop me a line.
> I am not getting out altogether because I will still ride from time to
> time with friends here and at home. I have almost made up my mind on
> what will go and what will stay. My Sachs and Serotta have made the cut
> and will remain with me as my older Rene Herse and 1878 Rudge Hi Wheel.
> Some bits that I will never find again if I let them go will also stay
> behind. Don't be sad, this new chapter in my life will have its
> challenges, ups and downs. Rosie and I have already joined another
> support group much like this one so I am able to seek advice to tend to
> here needs. I will keep in touch from time to time and wanted to thank
> you all for your friendship in the past and present. Though I will not
> be as active here as I once was, I will still regard this forum and its
> members among the best associates a person can have.
> So you can understand why my life changing motivation. I provide you
> with a photo or two of Rosie. Don't be upset with her, I did not know I
> would fall this hard for anyone.
> Ray Homiski
> Elizabeth, NJ
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Ken Freeman
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