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Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 20:29:44 -0500
From: <churches@msu.edu>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR] FS: various parts

Here is my list of on topic items for sale.  This is just the descriptions and prices of each to keep the size of the message smaller.  Everything with pictures and more off topic items for sale can be seen at http://bicycleanonymous.blogspot.com/    With the few locations I tend to post my for sale items it ends up being too much work trying to make sure I update each one as things sell.  This way with the blog I will try and keep that completely updated. 

Maillard rear freewheel hub, 120mm spacing 36 hole $10

Dia Compe crusier/city bar brake levers $10

GB Stem and SR Aluminum Road Champion bars.  Stem is 120mm long, 22.2mm quill insertion and bars are 16.5? (42cm) center to center $25

GB stem, unmarked Aluminum drop bars, Weinmann non-aero levers with white Carlton brake hoods in great shape.  Stem is 110mm, 22.2mm quill insertion and bars are 15? (38cm) wide center to center.  $40

Ava stem and unmarked aluminum drop bars.  Stem is 80mm long, 22.0 mm quill insertion and bars are 14.5? (37cm) wide.  These are for you out there with French bikes!!!  $20

T.A. J. Anquetil track cleats They are unused and never installed on shoes $10

T.A. Criterium road cleats They are unused and never installed on shoes $10

Campagnolo Super Record braze on front derailleur $30

Normandy Single fixed track hub, high flange 36 h, hub spins great. 1980 date code. It is currently spaced at 115mm, but be easily changed to 110 or 120mm if you needed. The cog threads are standard English (1.37 x 24), but the lockring is not a standard English. It is 1.32 x 24 tpi (i.e. Phil Wood, Campagnolo, or EAI Campy compatible lockrings will work). $30

Shimano Altus clamp on down tube shifters $6

Huret super long down tube clamp on shifters-date from late 60's $10

Japanese made Kusuki Medallion 1000 quill stem, 22.2 mm quill insertion, 100mm length and 26.0mm bar clamp $10

Aluminum bar and stem, unbranded stem, Italian made Italmanubri Model Europa, stem is 80mm and bars are 37cm wide center to center $20

New Logo Cinelli 1A quill stem 22.2mm quill 26.4mm clamp $20 140mm length 

SR bar and stem, 80mm stem and 39cm center to center aluminum bars $15

Matt Churches
Ann Arbor, MI