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n Dec 28, 2009, at 1:03 PM, BOB FREITAS wrote:
> I think these are probably SAE (domestic fine thread) I find my Hetchins and Hurlow both use a fine thread but of different diameters. 1/4 vs 5/16, these should be a standard hardware item. BOB FREITAS not selling many standard bolts today in SANTA ROSA, CA USA

I answered off list but now that Mr. Nut And Bolt has chimed in here it s. It's a Whitworth Allen (note capitals, it's a proper name) bolt. I nce got a similar vintage Raleigh Pro for $50 because the guy couldn't ind a seat bolt. I just went to my local English motorcycle tore-actually I could have gone to my English motorcycles but I knew asey would have one-rummaged through the Allen bolt can and came up ith one. Easy peasy. hil Brown own memory lane in Oakland, Calif.

This may not apply to Raleigh, but many older British bikes take a seat bolt that is British Standard Fine (BSF) 5/16 x 22. I found them from an online store called British Fasteners. I have them in both Stainless and black. $10 and $5. Jack Taylors take them, and I assume some others. You won't find them in your local Ace Hardware store but maybe a British Motorcycle shop.

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