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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 18:03:19 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] RFI Zebrakenko Track Frame

The Schwinn fillet-brazed models, Superior, Super Sport and Sports Tourer, used fillet-brazed frames with internal reunforcing sleeves at the joints. I have one of each. These frames are nicely made and virtually bombproof, but the construction reflects Schwinn's obsession with strength and durability before light weight, so the complete bikes range from maybe 29 to 33 lbs.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Subject: Re: [CR] RFI Zebrakenko Track Frame

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\r?\n> Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 5:26 PM

\r?\n> Subject: [CR] RFI Zebrakenko Track

\r?\n> Frame


\r?\n> Jeff wrote:


\r?\n> "Anyone have any info on this type of frame? Does anyone

\r?\n> know what components it would have come with when originally

\r?\n> sold?"


\r?\n> While I was working at Velo Sport in Berkeley in 1963 a

\r?\n> customer came in with one of these frames for us to check

\r?\n> out. He very tolerantly allowed me to pull the fork,

\r?\n> seatpost, and bottom bracket out so I could maybe see what

\r?\n> was going on in the joints of the frame.


\r?\n> > From the outside of the frame you could just see tiny

\r?\n> fillets (like tig

\r?\n> welding) but looking inside the frame there were short

\r?\n> reinforcements. I was VERY intrigued by this as a

\r?\n> construction method (which I think Schwinn had also used a

\r?\n> some point).


\r?\n> The fork was nice but fairly conventional and wasn't really

\r?\n> a stylistic match to the frame. Too bad.


\r?\n> Components? My customer just brought in the frame so I

\r?\n> couldn't say but I'd guess the components were standard

\r?\n> Keirin issue for a Kerin bike.


\r?\n> Hugh Enox

\r?\n> La Honda, California USA