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Subject: Re: [CR] Patent rear gear

Kevin, Did you say the moral of the story is to be patent?

Jon M. Crate Marietta, Georgia 30066

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This little story is aimed at anyone who appears to be desperate to obtain a particular item to complete a bike build........

This time last year I was pulling out what lttle hair I have left an attempt to get hold of a 'patent no date' Nuovo Record rear gear for my Faema team bike I'm replicating.......I eventually secured one on eBay for a reasonable £33, advertised as a 'patent' .....condition is very good, almost unused.

I then came across a grubby 'patent' body at a cycle jumble...£3.....and as I had spares to complete it [except for a top pivot bolt and both jockey cage plates] it seemed worth buying. [cleaned up very nicely]

I then, as many will know on this list, bought a Bianchi Specialissima which came with a 'patent' rear gear with 9 tooth jockey that's 2 1/2 gears........

Today I have just recieved another Nuovo Record gear bought on eBay before Christmas for £4.30 which I bought for the required top bolt and cage plates, not knowing what date it was.........yes, youv'e's another 'patent' !! so I now have 4 'patent' gears [if I rob bits of another dated gear]

So the moral behind this story patient, it seems what we crave for is out there!

Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK