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Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 12:31:34 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Report: Thanks Dale

Hi All,

I'm sure you will all join me is extending a Thank You to Dale and the sponsors for this terrific community. And let's not forget all of the contributors and listers who have taught [me] a bunch of cool stuff, not to mention the many who have become pals in this flock of birds of a feather.

Here's to a great '10 and beyond. Keep it going!

Greg Overton greater Denver area, Colorado

> Dear lightweight vintage bicycle buffs (and therefore CR email
> list members):
> We are about to start a new year and I would like to thank you all
> for your membership, shared knowledge, experience and passion for
> these handmade objects called fine bicycles we all enjoy...
> Particularly thanks to our sponsors who have banners on the front
> page, many have been the earliest supporters:
> - Richard Sachs
> - CyclArt/ Susan & Jim Cunningham
> - Bicycle Classics/Greg Parker
> - Campy Oldy/ Nigel Scott
> - Rene Herse/ Mike Kone
> - Blufreccia/ Michele Constantini
> - Ciclismo Classico
> Despite the recession and the challenges it has presented to me & my
> business (!), it has been a pretty good year for our little
> community. The CR list now has grown to 1725 members! You all have
> been (mostly) civil and considerate of one another, not too many
> unpleasant episodes... Most of you (not all) have followed the
> out-of-the-ordinary CR list rules. If you need to refresh your
> memory, the rules are always here:
> (Thanks to Jon
> Spangler for editing)
> We regularly hear from perhaps 40 or so of you, the rest pipe in
> occasionally or are just readers. That's OK but I certainly hope you
> will not hesitate to send your On-Topic contributions. I DO hear
> from some members that they hesitate to contribute because others
> "jump all over" them, presumably with criticism. That upsets me and
> I will deal harshly with any occurrences I am aware of like that.
> There are no upcoming new rules or guidelines but I do intend to
> enforce those in place, especially the requirement for members to
> identify themselves in messages by signing off as proscribed. I now
> am removing members who do not sign off. They are welcome to rejoin,
> but I am hoping the hassle factor will reinforce the rule.
> Also, I would like to thank those considerate members who ask me
> first before posting potentially Off Topic messages. That's the
> correct approach and will save me work and the unpleasant task of
> dealing with offenders.
> So, a good year, and I hope a better year to come! Thanks again,
> it's great to have you as friends!
> Dale
> Dale Brown
> List meister
> Greensboro, North Carolina USA